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The Bureau of Evangelism has great resources for understanding the duties and responsibilities of Evangelism. Here are a few:


Directors of Evangelism

Boards of Evangelism

Guidelines for Evangelism Leaders

All the Training Resources are free and available for download. What is your specific area of interest? Resources for Church Growth, Bible Studies, Christian Ministry, Church Planting, Lay Evangelists, Pastors, Preachers, and more are available.
Bureau of Evangelism

Spiritual Gifts
Resources for learning about your Spiritual Gifts. For the broadest understanding of what your spiritual gifts are use multiple web sites. Secondly, seek God and be in much prayer till you are completely confident in what God has given you to bless the church.

Church Growth Institute – 

Adult Spiritual Gifts Test – 

ChristiaNet – 

Spiritual Gifts Assessment | The United Methodist Church – 

Spiritual Gifts Survey – LifeWay – 

(Caution: All links below led to the sites not associated with the Department of Evangelism and are a resource that may or may not be useful in your study and research for continued growth in discipleship. Thanks)