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September 28, 2011 - October 1, 2011

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Note: It may be necessary to make changes to the agenda.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011:
Love Feast - Bishop Dennis V. Proctor, Presiding, Setting the atmosphere for the move of God - 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 29, 2011:
Plenary Session: Rev. Dr. Joe Ratliff, Pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Dr. Ratliff has distinguished himself as a scholar-pastor in the African American tradition of preaching. Rev. Dr. Ratliff will be our morning plenary speaker sharing on the topic of excellence in church administration and transformation, as God guides us in the process of moving your church from where it is to where God wants it to be. Dr. Ratliff will also be our evening preacher on September 29th.

"Show Me the Money": Minister Arthur Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, The Park Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina Do you desire to truly be debt free? To "owe no man anything"? Those who have achieved this status: paying off their mortgage early, paying any credit card bills in full before the bills even arrive, having the choice of depositing their paycheck or just tossing it in a drawer until they "get around to it"; living, saving, tithing in the abundance God desires for us, describe a freedom that is enviable. Minister Wilson will show you how to get your finances in order to the extent that you will never again live "from paycheck to paycheck" but will actualize God's best for us so that we too, will know what it is to have financial independence.

Clergy Symposium: "Preaching with Excellence": Rev. Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr., Senior Pastor, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. Attend this preaching "clinic" and learn how to exercise excellence in every step of the preaching task: from idea to scripture, to analysis so that the exegesis and homiletics are theologically sound and the preacher can stand to preach, knowing that he/she has given the Holy Spirit the best preparation effort and is leaving the preaching, teaching and blessing to HIM.

"Finding God in the Frantic Moments": Rev. John Harrison, Pastor, St .Mark AME Zion Church, East Palo Alto, CA. Rev. Harrison also serves as the Director of the Chaplaincy Program at Stanford University Hospital. A friend told me that if life does not feel overwhelming, you aren't doing it right. It's easy to be overwhelmed by balancing your roles and tasks. How do you find God in the midst of overwhelming moments? What does God's voice sound like when your brain and hands are full? How do you nurture and strengthen your faith when you hardly have time to brush your teeth? This workshop will celebrate the frantic moments. We will look for ways to hear God's voice and strengthen our faith in the midst of the whirlwind.

Friday, September 30, 2011:
Plenary Session - Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie serves as the 117th elected and consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She currently serves as the Presiding Prelate of the 13th Episcopal District which includes Tennessee and Kentucky and is an internationally sought after speaker and teacher. Bishop McKenzie will be our morning plenary speaker, blessing us by sharing her experience in taking a church from moderate to mega-influence. She will also be the evening preacher on September 30th.

"Your First Ministry: Family": - Bishop and Mrs. Dennis V. Proctor, Western Episcopal District Our Episcopal leaders have consented to share with us about the making of a strong, enduring relationship amidst the trials and tribulations of life, family and ministry. They are a model couple for us and whether single or married, everyone will surely be able to take some nuggets away that will enrich your family life.

Clergy Symposium: "Taking Care of Yourself and Your Soul" while Caring for the Congregation" Rev. Jacqueline Thompson, Asst. Pastor, Allen Temple Church, Oakland, CA Rev. Jacqueline Thompson, the first female Assistant Pastor of Allen Temple Baptist Church, Oakland, CA. In this age of bi-vocational pastors, over whelming personal, financial and socio-economic stressors in in both the pulpit and the pew, clergy burnout has become epidemic. Pastors and ministers need help in understanding the symptoms of burnout as well as learning to care for themselves in the midst of all the pressures they must deal with on a daily basis." Taking Care of Yourself and Your Soul while Caring for the Congregation" will equip you, bless you and yes, even heal you!

"T.G.I.F.": Rev. Dr. Stephen Pogue, Pastor of Greater Cooper A.M.E. Zion Church, Oakland, CA. Twitter, Goggle, I-phone and Facebook - Ministering effectively to the hip hop generation, the tween generation and the booster and builder generations can be a challenge for any pastor and church. Ensuring that the needs of everyone in the congregation are met takes thoughtful preparation and intentional action on the part of pastor and people. Learn how to blend the interests of every generation in work and worship.

"Understanding the Roles of Servant Leadership in the Local Church": Rev. Dr. Richard Chapple, Presiding Elder, Southwest Rocky Mountain Conference Jesus his example of how to be an effective leader- by being an effective, compassionate, servant, ready and willing to wash the feet of those we serve! Both clergy and laity can learn begin to re-train ourselves to be the leaders Christ called us to be and in doing so, to fulfill Christ's mission for the church.

Saturday, October 1, 2011:
Episcopal Ordination Worship Service - Bishop Dennis Proctor, preacher, 8:00 a.m.

Christian Education Workshops for all ages, 10:00- 1:00 p.m.

Adult Session: I.Q. and E.Q.: Effective Local Church Christian Education Departments - Sis. Janet Sockwell -Brown, Conference Director, CED

YACM: Ministry Think Tank: Developing A United Front - Ms. Portia Jacobs, Vice President, National YACM Steering Committee

V.C.Y.C. - Know Your Church; Understand Your Opportunities to Serve NOW - Ms. Courtney Brown - Regional Vice President, V.I.C.Y.C.